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Private Investigation Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California

TRM investigations and Recovery inc. is a provider of professional investigative services.We specialize in the business of locating those ”hard to find” individuals and assets, providing an aggressive approach to the enforcement of a judgment and the recovering of pre or charged-off commercial or personal vehicle loans. TRM can also provide you with detailed background investigations, small claims document preparations, service of process, field chases and much more.

TRM has a very unique approach and our returns to our clients are unmatched. We work each of the accounts placed with our firm in a courteous and business-like manner consistent with the image and reputation of our clients.

"Discreet and Confidential"   "Available 24 hours a day"

Contact our private investigator and learn how our private investigation services can help you recovery your property fast.

The TRM staff is focused on customer service and will handle your needs in a professional and timely manner from start to finish. Our staff is kept up to date on any changes in federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing our industry. We receive ongoing training with the most cutting edge technology available, for not only the fastest results, but the best results. We use a combination of modern technologies with ”good old fashion” skip tracing techniques.

Nationally and internationally, we can locate your collateral and have it secured. Location is of no real consequence to our investigators, because we specialize in tracking down and having property returned to banks, credit unions, and any individual or company that needs our services. No case is too big or too small as we service large businesses, corporate clients, and the private sector. Each and every client receives the same outstanding customer care with professionalism, due diligence and discretion at all times.

With 27 years of experience in the automotive and investigative industry in both repossessions and skip tracing services we will locate hard to find collateral, individuals and assets in order to restore your liquidity. 50 turn to TRM investigations and Recovery, INC. in Upland, California, for your investigation services.

We consider our clients to be our most important asset. TRM investigations and Recovery’s objective is to provide the highest possible level of products and services through a network of professionals who are qualified to address the special needs and concerns of your business. We believe in consistent communication with our clients. We respond to all of our inquiries quickly and efficiently to address your needs and goals so that we can reach a successful outcome as soon as possible.


• Asset investigation

• Attorney Services

• Background Search

• Child Support/ Custody

• Collateral Location

• Criminal Record Search

• Field Chase

• infidelity

• Judgment Recovery

• Missing Persons

• Place of Employment Search

• Pre-Employment Screening

• Service of process

• Skip Tracing

• Small claims Document Preparation

• Surveillance

• Workman’s Comp

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